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Patricia and Bo A puppy's growth cycle includes a "critical period" that begins at about two months of age and ends sometime between six to eight months. During this window, puppies socialize easily and have an excellent ability to accept new and initially frightening things.

Allowing your puppy to experience many new people, dogs, sounds and events is so important. Ideally, your puppy should interact with a few hundred people and 50 to 100 dogs by the time it is eight months old.

Puppy BoHowever, until you've completed your puppy's vaccinations, these meetings should be in safe, protected areas with familiar and healthy dogs... Not at a dog park!

Proper socialization during this critical period is worth its weight in gold and will allow your puppy to become as friendly, stable and loving as possible. Socialization is as important to your dog's future as its training is.


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