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"Clicker training" is part of a revolution in animal training that has occurred over the last few years. Unlike choke chain, punishment-based training of the past, clicker training is a positive reinforcement technique that focuses on communicating to your dog what to do, instead of punishing them for what you don't want them to do. Dogs love clicker training because of the attention, fun and rewards. You will love clicker training because of the bond you build with your dog and the effective results.

clicker - dog training in Sarasota, Florida What is a clicker? It is a little tool that makes a clicking noise louder than a ballpoint pen. A desired behavior that is repeatedly reinforced by a click and a treat will improve dramatically. The clicker is a non-verbal shortcut that aids communication and accelerates the learning process. Once your dog understands the meaning of a cue, you stop using the clicker.

Clicker training is both a great way to teach obedience and a dog-friendly way, in tandem with counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques, to address behavior problems like barking, destructive chewing, digging, jumping and aggression.

Successful clicker training requires dedication to practice. It is essential in establishing a reinforcement history and bond between you and your dog. Also, because you live with your dog, you are the only one who can dedicate the necessary time to training. Your result is directly proportional to the effort you put in. Ultimately, you will have the knowledge and skill to train your dog to do many other things.


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